Sunday, March 25, 2007

Ash goes off the net !!!

Well! the manglik factor seems to have begun affecting Aishawrya Rai even before she has tied the nuptial knots. An instance of this was witnessed recently when Aishawrya Rai's famous website – - suddenly went OFF the net. Millions of her fans around the globe went berserk as they were disheartened to see their favorite star's website banked out! There is uproar as her fans are anxious to know her latest news and most importantly her marriage related every minute detail. According to our source more than 5000 viewers visit her site and now the concerned site is loaded with angry complaints. Insiders reveal it neither the manglik factor nor any rival actress behind this move. But the fact is, its Aishawrya Rai herself who has shut down the site. It's believed Ash is a very private person and she doesn't like anybody peeping in to her personel life and with marriage round the corner the actress does not want the nuisance of her fans pestering her personal life. Hence the smart move!

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